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Our cotton explained

Cotton is natural, renewable and biodegradable as  well super soft on thes kin. Pretty much anything you could wish for when it comes to a textile fibre. Unfortunately, it’s also a thirsty crop linked to high water and chemical use that affect both the soil and the farmers working in the cotton fiels. That’s why all our cotton is now sourced more sustainable.


Re-cycled cotton

Old garments and textile leftovers (like worn-out jeans from garment collecting boxes), are ground into fibres, spun into new yarn and woven into new fabrics. Recycled cotton is awsome because it stops material from going to landfilland and reduces the use of new raw material.


Organic cotton

Organic cotton needs 62% less energy and 71% less water usage compared to conventional cotton. It’s grown without chemical pesticides or fertilisers and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). health among the cotton growers. This leads to improved soil condition, lower greenhouse gas emissions, stronger biodiversity and better health among the cotton growers. It’s better for you, the farmers and the enviorment.


Cotton sourced through better cotton initiative

By sourcing through BCI we are supporting this global initiative and keeping up the demand for better cotton. All three types of cotton use less resources- such as water and pesticides- then conventional cotton. Everytime you will buy something from us you can feel confident about supporting more sustainable cotton production.

Why isn't all your cotton organic ?

Organic cotton accounts for less trhan 1% of all the cotton produced in the world, so only buying organic would’t be possible. It’ll take time to scale up organic cotton production buty it’s our ambition to make it happen as soon as possible.

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all our cotton is either orgainc, recycled or sourced through better cotton initiative



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