Who are we?

With over 40 years of textile and clothing industry, BD group is one of the most renowned and trusted name in the industry. From men, women and kids, BD group exports the highest quality of garments to the wold’s most renowned brands. With all in-house production capability, BD Group ensures the high-quality standard across its product line from Yarn, dyeing to garments.

Working for Improved Today and Better Tomorrow
We care for the society we work in. BD charitable trust from the BD group is formed to ensure that we are committed to delivering back to our society.
We strive to contribute towards the social and economic development of the communities and incorporate sound and ethical business practices environmentally.

Why Choose Us


We focus on the all-round development of our communities and society. Our activities include cultural, educational and social initiatives that help support and develop our employees, customers and other stakeholders and their communities. We hold a robust belief in nutrition and education for all and have incorporated the same ideology in various societal programs.

Food for All

A program under which food is served to hundreds of underprivileged people daily & also support funds for various children education programs. We have pledged to donate a certain amount of your every purchase to help the underprivileged.

Zero Carbon by 2040

We strive to make a better tomorrow and have initiatives to protect the environment. We are using only using 100% recycled materials in all our operations. Focusing our manufacturing towards sustainable environment-friendly dynamic clothing and setting a plan of action to be 100% climate positive by 2040.

Flawless for who you are

We all are full of emotions being real, we love, we share, we care, we hope, sometimes we pass, or sometimes it’s just another failed experiment. Whatever we do, we just do it our style.

Flawless, celebrating the real you with your own range of styles for not so perfect lives. Styles to give you the confidence and comfort to make it better each day. Range to support you keep fighting for the best the whole day and start over again the next day. One thing is certain that we may not be the perfect but we keep on trying to be flawless in our lives each day.